Top 10 Pet Stores in Johor

From food and supplies to toys and other services, pets need quite a number of things to keep them healthy and happy. The best place to get your pet supplies is of course, at a pet store! They house most things your pet needs, and depending on the nature of their business, could provide grooming or boarding services as well. Here are the Top 10 Pet Stores in Johor!

1.       Rania Pet Shop

To date, Rania Pet Shop has two outlets in Tampoi and Kulai. They specialise in various cat food as well as pet supplements, sand & pallets, and accessories, just to name a few. The staff are friendly and helpful, particularly if you are looking for some recommendations. Cat owners can join their membership too to enjoy special discounts and other perks. Other than Rania Pet Shop, they also operate Neco Cat Kingdom.

2. Natural Tracks

Whether you are looking for products for your beloved cat or dog, Natural Tracks got them all covered here with their wide range of pet-related varieties under one roof. They also provide services, namely pet hotel and grooming. And if you are looking for quality puppies such as English bulldogs and Golden Retrievers, you can drop by and have a look at their shop. Prices are reasonable while pet owners who frequently shop at Natural Tracks praised the staff’s overall professionalism and attentiveness.

3.       Bonus Pet Shop

A one-stop pet store that has been around since 2008, Bonus Pet Shop is notable for its reasonably-priced pet products and services. Here, you can find various pet food, treats, supplements as well as carriers and cages. As for pet services, they offer optional basic and full grooming, covering the likes of nail clipping, ear cleaning and bathing. Other related services such as pet breeding and boarding are available as well.

4.       Pets Union (Johor Bahru)

If there’s one thing about Pets Union worth mentioning here, it’s that this Taman Kempas Utama-based pet centre has a dedicated theme park for your furballs. This includes a wide dog-friendly swimming pool, a spacious playground and a pet-friendly cafe. They also offer pet hotel & daycare services while owners looking to have their pets professionally groomed can look forward to the likes of nail clipping, shaving and teeth whitening.

5.       Dhani Pet Store

Dhani Pet Store stocks a good selection of pet foods as well as healthcare products and accessories for cats. The store also offers various cat-related services including lion cut, cat grooming and boarding. The former refers to a term commonly used by cat groomers, where the body of the cat will be shaved close to the skin with a set of clippers. Staff is known to be helpful and even knowledgeable. And if you shop frequently at Dhani Pet Store, consider joining their membership programme to enjoy rewards and discounts!

6.       PET STORY Johor Jaya

Located at Taman Johor Jaya, PET STORY has everything you need for your pet needs. You can find various types of pet food here, covering everything from dry to wet varieties and BARF (Bones and Raw Foods/Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). They also provide professional pet advice related to behaviour modification, training and wellness. Other related services, namely pet boarding and grooming are also available.

7.       Vin Pet

Be it cat or dog food, Vin Pet has everything you need and best of all, their prices are reasonable. You can find different brands available here, covering from NutriEdge to Coco & Joe BARF, Happy Cat and Dibaq Sense. In case you are unsure what to look for, feel free to ask one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff for assistance. Other than selling pet food, Vin Pet also offers pet grooming and boarding services.

8. GEB Cat

GEB 72 Pet Shop sells a wide range of complete and complementary cat foods, where they are the authorised sole distributor and supplier of Cator products in Malaysia. Among their products available include Cator Grain-Free Complete Cat Wet Food, which contains 98% high-quality animal protein and has no jelly and carrageenan whatsoever. They also stocked other related products such as healthy cat snacks, cat collars and pet supplements.

9) Global Pets (Johor Bahru)

Established in 2004 in Nusa Bestari, Global Pets has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an independent pet supplies store managed by three people. Their store has since expanded into several outlets in Johor, and they offer a comprehensive range of pet services from grooming to boarding & daycare, home delivery & transportation and cremation. They also specialise in pet supplies and accessories for dogs, cats and other small pets under Pet Lovers Centre (PLC).

10) Doggies Spa

Give your beloved furkid(s) a well-deserved pampering at Doggies Spa, who offers various services ranging from pet spa treatments to pet styling, grooming, daycare and boutique hotel. They also provide professional pet training courses and advice as well as selling pet accessories.

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