Coined as the Land of Grace, Perak Darul Ridzuan, the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia is a land famed for its natural tropical beauty and rich cultural history. Tracking back to the years of the British colonial period, Perak was forged from tin mining and rubber tree plantations, the remains of which are still visible today.

Today, Perak continues to be a charming state bustling with vibrant people, who warmly welcome all its visitors attracted by the rustic charm of old colonial buildings that have been preserved and repurposed to fit today’s lifestyle.

For those looking for natural wonders, Perak is blessed with white sandy beaches and amazing underwater treasures.

Then the is its crown treasure, the magnificent caves that date back thousands of years and natural rainforests are even older, going back to millions of years.

Perak, offering a journey of mystery, excitement and luxury awaits you with open arms.

Communication Language

The residents in Perak can communicate in 2 main languages. Malay is their national language and English is widely converse among the residents.


Perak has a tropical rainforest climate that is hot, humid and rainy all year round. Temperature differences are small throughout the year with an average between 24 and 32 degrees Celcius.

The wet season is from October to December and the driest month is January.

When going out, it is best to carry a raincoat, umbrella, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the rain and sun.



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